FoxyClient PHP Example Application

If you're familiar with PHP - or prefer to learn by playing with an already working example, we have a small example application that is built with our PHP FoxyClient library. The application can show you how to create an OAuth client, create a Foxy User and Store, or send a user to the Foxy Authorization Server to authenticate the app to access their store. Once authenticated to a store - it also gives an example of adding/editing/removing coupons and categories, as well as viewing transactions and adding/editing/removing transaction attributes.

View PHP FoxyClient tutorial

Get familiar with the API with Postman

If you're new to API's or want a way to quickly see the requests and responses for the API, our Postman collection can be a great way to get more familiar with our Hypermedia API. Using Postman you can create different requests and review the responses in an easy to use interface. It can be especially helpful to test out different requests quickly before implementing them in your own integrations.

View the Postman tutorial

PHP SSO Example

This tutorial also makes use of the FoxyClient library, but shows an example of how it can be used for a standalone script such as what you'd need for Single Sign On (SSO). It shows how to install Composer to include the FoxyClient library in your script, and then how to use the library to step through the API, look for customers and create a new one if needed.

View PHP SSO tutorial

cURL Example

For a quick overview of navigating through the API using cURL in a systems command line application, we have some examples of using cURL to create and modify categories and view transactions. This can be useful for getting a higher level understanding of interacting with the API to apply to languages that we don't currently have native clients for.

View cURL tutorial